The Reinvention Club

Here are some snippets of the type of tips and content we share on The Reinvention Club

Fast and easy to follow

Step-by-step flow charts that cover every component of specific innovation techniques. From insight generation & ideation to validation & execution.

The flowchart shown here is a big one, and you may have seen it before it's our Reinvention process flow chart. While not all our flow charts are this in depth, it gives you an idea of the quality of our processes.

Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.

Rory Muscat

Frequently Asked Questions
Who is The Reinvention Club for?

The Reinvention Club is for you if you are:

  • A change-maker in an organisation who is charged with leading an innovative project or initiative who want's to get problems solved faster and more effectively..
  • An innovation leader or manager looking after an innovation program or innovation team who's looking at creating continual market leading innovative products and services.
  • A company or business owner who wants to see innovation implemented to boost results and sales.
  • An innovation professional who wants to further their innovation skills in order to accelerate their career and improve the quality and quantity of commercial innovations they produce.
  • A professional who wants to become more innovative but needs the training and skills in order to enable them to create game changing ideas that makes them sought out and skyrockets their career.

What is included?

Your weekly espresso shot of super-charged innovation is varied each week to keep expanding and improving your innovative brain. You can expect to receive weekly, a mix of the following:

Weekly Tips
Step-by-step advice on how to reinvent or innovate on a product, process, or service and relaunch that to the world.

Our self-coaching innovation hacks are designed to prompt you to take the right action for the phase of innovation you're in.

Step-by-step flow charts that cover every component of specific innovation techniques. From insight generation & ideation to validation & execution.

Hot Seat Sessions
Learning is accelerated when we watch someone else's problems be solved in front of our eyes. We select a member (which could be you) & put them in the hot seat to help their innovation.

Cheat Sheets & Templates
Templates on how to build an innovative solution quickly and cost effectively so you can create sales quickly and easily.

Tactical Workshops
Practical money-making idea generation techniques so you can create the irresistible product solution that will drive up your results.

How to Videos
Bite sized videos and actionable activities so you can build your reinvention faster and easier.

Virtual tours & Case Studies
Get a behind the scenes tour of innovative organisations and their approach to innovation.

Q&A Sessions
Our Q&A sessions allow you to share the most significant obstacle you're facing in your innovation journey and we pull out all stops to solve it.

Time Saving Tech Tools
Each and every week anew potential tech tool enters the market that could be saving you more time, effort and money. We share some of the proven best tools for you to use so you don't miss out and fall behind.

Trend Updates
We share some of the latest critical trends you need to know about. And share a proven system to pick the next big emerging trends so you can capitalise on it before the competition.

We like to surprise our members with a unique piece of content, a different expert interview, a bonus workshop session or discount. This means you'll always be looking forward to checking out your inbox.

Who are the instructors?

Nils Vesk is the main instructor and we have guest presenters and experts from time to time.

Nils Vesk is a futurist and international authority on innovation. Nils is the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’ which empowers organisations to forge forward in new markets, whilst driving incredible commercial returns.

Around the globe, Fortune 500 companies and start ups turn to Nils Vesk to share his unique game changing innovation techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

Nils unpacks the million-dollar innovation principles used to create rapid growth for the future. This enables organisations to shift from being on the back foot, to identifying and seizing the customers of the future. Equipping them to rapidly invent the products, processes and services that create raving fans and insatiable customer desire. 

Nils is the author of a number of books including Innovation Archetypes and Ideas with Legs. He is the founder of the innovation agency Ideas with Legs. His work takes him to all parts of the globe, but he still calls Australia home.

Do you offer refunds?

We offer a FREE 30 day trial. After that the membership is a monthly subscription and you can cancel at any time.

Do you offer 1 on 1 consultations?

Yes, our founder Nils and some of the team provide 1 on 1 mentoring or consulting.

Can I view the sessions on my phone?

Nearly all our tips and tricks are in easy to watch video format that all devices can access. We do have a number of downloads throughout the year that are designed to be printed out or read on a larger devices such as a tablet or laptop screen.

How common are good results?
We have had former students go on to become Innovation Managers of global organisations and some have become innovation consultants. It is worth noting that the results are also dependent on the effort that the member puts in. That being said we do everything we can to help provide support, advice and accountability.
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