12-month Breakthrough Innovator program for consistent profitable low risk innovation
Innovation is overcomplicated.
Breakthrough Innovator simplifies it.

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Innovation is overcomplicated.
Breakthrough Innovator makes it easy.

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Before I tell you about this program, let’s talk about who this is for…

Breakthrough Innovator is for innovative-minded people like you. You’re ambitious and motivated, but you’re tired of seeing innovation opportunities go missing. You’re ready to accelerate your business results and career by mastering low-risk innovation to have more profitable projects, gain industry recognition, and be in demand.

Whether you’re…

An innovation leader looking for breakthrough results with an innovation program, project or team creating continual market-leading offerings.
An intelligent innovation professional who wants to innovate the smartest way with minimal risk and maximum speed (and sidestep the traditional lengthy, overcomplicated and risky innovation approaches) 
A switched-on in-house innovator who’s tired of missing out on those exciting projects and is fully aware of your innovation capability but needs the training and support to make them sought out.
A leader (with the heart of an innovator) who is charged with leading an innovative project or initiative who wants to get problems solved faster and more effectively.

You’re in the right place!

The Breakthrough Innovator Program will give you all the tools, inspiration, advice and support you need to create and launch profitable innovation.

Breakthrough Innovator Delivers 3 Overarching Innovation Outcomes

Achieving More with Less

This outcome means discovering innovative approaches to maximise efficiency and streamline operations, ultimately reducing costs while increasing output.   

Tangible & Measurable Initiatives

Profitable projects drive organisational success by delivering tangible and measurable results. They optimise resource allocation to boost financial performance, brand reputation, and shareholder value.

Scaling Capability without Disruption

This outcome enables organisations to adapt to increased demands, explore new markets, and embrace technological advancements without compromising productivity or customer satisfaction.
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Since 2001 Nils Vesk has served organisations & innovators in 17 different countries

By the end of the first 12 months you will have...
But above all else…

Breakthrough Innovator will give you the confidence to create innovation consistently, predictably and profitably, giving you the results, recognition and rewards you deserve. 

I'm Ready Let's Do This Nils!
The tools and insights Nils offers are nothing short of transformative for any business. Essential to help take your business to the next level
Stuart Clarke - CEO FoodInsightConsulting.com.au
Get instant access to all the details about Breakthrough Innovator™️
Get instant access to all the details about Breakthrough Innovator™️
 What's Inside Breakthrough Innovator 

 50 plus

showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to turn your idea into a wildly successful innovation that people want to pay for.   

Monthly + Quarterly Masterclasses

where we work on the core innovation skills & activities to create amplified productivity, profitable projects & seamless integration.


intensive mentoring that challenges you to increase your innovation results and business growth. Overcome obstacles such as Limiting beliefs, & Time constraints.
NB: Group mentoring for Gold Members, One-on-one For Platinum members.

Unlimited Mentor

you send Nils your pressing challenge, and he’ll respond with his solution, approach or advice.
NB: For Platinum Members only.

Step-by-step Videos &

showing you literally EVERYTHING you need to turn your idea into a wildly successful innovation that people want to pay for.   

Step-by-Step How to Innovate Flow Charts

where we work on setting and achieving innovation goals and what you need to do, giving you certainty over a business innovation and minimising risk.


that save you valuable time and energy when working out what to do next when implementing your innovaiton.

Step-by-step business
reinvention program

via text or email. You send Nils your pressing challenge, and he’ll respond with his solution, approach or advice. NB: For Platinum and Gold Members only.

The Ideas on Demand Formula

to make sure you never end up being flat-footed in a brainstorming session and instead create a host of irresistible ideas and solutions.

Roadmap to Take Your Idea to Market

so you can continue growing and scaling your innovation long after you leave our club. These skills will support your long-term success.

“What’s Working Now’ Innovation Strategies

for trends, validation, product creation, process improvement and service improvement

The Learning + Training Hub

where you’ll get everything you need to build your innovations with zero stress and without spending a fortune.

Cheat Sheets and Templates

that saves time and money by giving you pre-prepared, cost-effective methods to quickly generate innovative solutions.

Time Saving Tech Tools

that you should be using. We share new tech tool entering the market that will save you more time, effort and money.
I'm Ready Let's Do This Nils!

Media Nils Vesk has been profiled in:

Love how you make the complex world of innovation so simple

Sebastien Lundy - Yum Foods

What Key Masterclass Topics are in The Breakthrough Innovator Program
01. The Tactical and Strategic Review Framework
Create a tactical review before you start innovating, so you don’t repeat the costly mistakes of the past.
Think like a Futurist to pick the next BIG emerging trend and capitalise on it.
 02. Unleash the Power of AI 
Say "hello" to AI Mastery as we equip you with the latest AI advancements and practical applications to revolutionise your business.

Practical time-saving using AI for day-to-day innovation activities and how to stay ahead of the curve.

03. Innovation Focus Strategies
Never guess where to start when building an innovation — know precisely where and when to innovate when you join The Reinvention Club. Will it be your process, product, or service offering?
Follow my step-by-step hacks to identify the most significant bottleneck opportunities or unmet market needs that can be capitalised on
  04. Decode Your Customers With Ease  
Go from guessing what your customers think to knowing what they want and need.

Decode how customers behave and how to use that knowledge to shape behaviours that work for you versus against you.

05. Idea Machine
Become an idea machine who can create money-making ideas on demand while everyone is still stumbling over their words.
Use our unique SCRAMBLE™️ ideation method to prompt yourself and others for game-changing ideas.
  06. Select the Right Ideas to Execute… Without Overwhelm  
Never end up squabbling over which idea to advance with our transparent, objective self-assessment idea selection templates. These enable people to work for you while picking the most predictable and lucrative ideas

Discover the criteria that will enable you to justify an innovation decision and get funding from the top.

07. Proven Validation Strategies
Test the problems you want to solve before wasting time or money on a dead end.
Run simple, rapid, low-cost experiments that will test whether the market is willing to pay for a solution to your problem or unmet customer need.
  08. Construct Your Quality
Innovation at Minim al Cost 
Outsource hacks that reduce the risk but save you lots of money and get your innovation built faster.

Strengthen your solution so that it will stand the test of time, and create raving customer endorsements.

Make your final business offering usable and seamless for the customer or end user.

 09. Launching your Innovation
to the World 

Master the art and science of creating compelling stories and messages that entice customers to buy your product offering.

Go from bumbling presenter to pitch pro with our step-by-step pitching and Unique Value Proposition (UVP) hacks.
Laser Coaching Sessions 
Overcome your toughest innovation challenges by receiving personalised guidance + actionable solutions.
Immediate problem-solving with a fresh approach to ignite your creativity and innovation.
Innovation Sprint 

Rapid progress as you apply a hands-on sprint to your organisation challenge.

Get behind-the-scenes tips in how to run a sprint for your organisation.
Discover the latest AI sprint assistance you can tap into to succeed faster.
I'm Ready Let's Do This Nils!
I engaged Nils as a paid mentor a couple of months ago and it’s the best investment in time I’ve made.

Ross McKay, MBA Leanstack Mentor, Board Advisor


Why you deserve to become a world-class innovator…

According to the World Economic Forum,  there are 10 skills that people will need for 2025.

The Reinvention Club covers five of them:

  1. Innovation and analytical thinking
  2. Creativity, originality and initiative
  3. Reasoning, problem solving and ideation
  4. Critical thinking and analysis
  5. Flexibility and resilience

That means learning to innovate faster and at minimal risk now — is not just a smart skill to have; it’s essential.

It’s YOUR time, YOUR year—and YOUR opportunity to create a *catalytic* change in your business results.

Your future customers are searching desperately for innovative solutions to their new and existing needs and desires. And there has never been a better time to get in on the action and help the people searching desperately for innovative solutions YOU can create. 

Maybe you don’t feel like an “innovator”, or you often question your innovation abilities. Mia Culpa!

The Breakthrough Innovator Program was designed to show you how to turn your ideas into paychecks. Breakthrough Innovator shows you how to replace inertia with proven innovation skills. Skills that are easy to learn and powerful to use allowing you to turn that niggling feeling of wanting to innovate successfully - into a reality.

No more sitting around thinking about ‘what ifs’. No more falling back on excuses when opportunities arise. You can create the innovation you want while, at the same time, positively changing your industry and the lives of your customers.

Want to know who makes it in this innovative world?

It’s not the brainiest or tech-savvy innovators. It’s the ones willing to “learn and adapt.” Because they’re committed to finding creative and innovative ways to “build business solutions” or “offerings that lead their industry.”

There’s room for you at the table, fellow innovator. And I’m here to give you a helping hand every step of the way. If you decide to join us, I can assure you that your mindset and results will completely transform together over the next 12 months.

I can’t wait to welcome you to Breakthrough Innovator and cheer you on your way to success.



I'm Ready Let's Do This Nils!
 Absolutely brilliant. He put a new perspective on my thought process! 

Rory Muscat Director, Private Banking, BankWest

Tips & Tools

Your Questions
I have started using your innovation techniques in every day life as well as work, and experienced startling results

Warren Robb Solutions Engineer

 Eight Common Questions About The Breakthrough Innovator 12-month Program 
What kind of people work with you and do well because of it?

My clients have come from over 40 industries, several countries and dozens of functions.

The common thread is that clients arrive with the desire to innovate.

With only limited time available, I spend a lot of time ensuring that I am working with the right people.

The program is built to expose you to the right perspectives, skills, and tools that work for your innovation challenges and stages and specific industry challenges.


What is the time commitment, and what if I miss a masterclass?

The Breakthrough Innovator 12-month program is designed to fit into the work schedules of busy professionals. We have designed our online accelerated masterclasses to be 90 to 120 mins in length. Every masterclass is recorded, so you never miss a session.

We’ve found that dedicated clients find the time to do their job while increasing their skills and output. It seems that the busier the clients get working on the right innovation projects the more productive they actually become.

And nearly all our tips and tricks are in easy-to-watch video format that all devices can access. Making it easy to learn when you're on the train, plane, bus or ferry.


What is included in the program?

For a full breakdown of the program make sure you download our information pack here.

Gold and Platinum clients all receive access to:

  •  Strategy Session with Nils Vesk
  • 12 x Live Online Critical Innovation Masterclasses with Nils Vesk
  • 3-Day Innovation Sprint Intensive Retreat
  • 14-Day ‘Innovation Accelerator’ Course
  • Exclusive Clients Only Access To Our Innovation Vault
  • 12 x Outcome accountability sessions
  • 12 x Industry Innovation Expert sessions
  • 60+ One-Page Innovation Process Flowcharts
  • 6 x Laser Coaching Sessions with Nils Vesk
  • 4 x AI Mastery workshops
  • 30-day Short Course on Product or Business Pivot

 Platinum Clients additionally receive:

  • 4 x Professional Business Critiques
  • 40 x Nils’ Innovation Navigation Sessions
  • Unlimited Support via Voxer Messaging App

The program is accountability based. Can you share what the accountability or mentoring is like?

People have no shortage of ideas. What they usually lack is the support to help them validate and build them and have the accountability to make sure they get acted on.

Together we set your goals and activities for each month and quarter. We also identify if you’re aiming to high or low and work through any potential obstacles to achieving them.

Each time we catch up, we review your progress and if things aren’t progressing as they should be you can expect a direct, frank conversation challenging you on your progress.

Bottom line is if you’re not achieving your goals through lack of action, you’ll soon change your attitude and effort.


Is the Breakthrough Innovator Program for leaders who already have an idea they want to commercialise, or for leaders who are looking to create ideas, and then commercialise them?


We have clients who have been managing innovation teams for over a decade, but are curious to learn better innovation initiatives in their organisations.

We also have clients who are new to the word of innovation but want to lead a successful innovation project or program within their organisation.

What kind of results have your clients had?

One of our R&D clients experienced:

  • 81% increase in no. of invention disclosure forms (IDF’s - pre cursor to a patent)
  • 18.7% improvement in innovation skills & behaviours
  • on average each team member had an average of 12.9 new innovation behaviours adopted
  • 9-11 new additional products predicted for market release (typical annual release 2-3 new products)

We have had former clients go on to become Innovation Managers of global organisations and some have become successful innovation consultants.
What happens after the 12-month program? Do people continue with the program?

Many of my clients continue with my elite program offering as they realise that their results have improved so much and they want to increase their results even more.

So for clients who feel they need no more assistance they can still access our high quality innovation mentoring, skill training and tools.

Who are the instructors and mentor?

Nils Vesk is the main instructor and mentor. From time to time we have special guest presenters and experts deliver a session.

Nils Vesk is an innovation futurist and international authority on innovation. Nils is the inventor of the ‘Innovation Archetypes Process’ which empowers organisations to forge forward in new markets, whilst driving incredible commercial returns.

Around the globe, Fortune 500 companies and start ups turn to Nils Vesk to share his unique game changing innovation techniques for formulating commercial insights, ideas, extraordinary customer experiences and irresistible products.

Nils is the author of several innovation books including The Reinvention Sprint, Innovation Archetypes and Ideas with Legs.

He is the founder of the innovation agency Ideas with Legs. His work takes him to all parts of the globe, but he still calls Australia home.

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Media Nils Vesk has been profiled in:

Let's have a strategy call to see if we are a good fit for your innovation goals and what you can achieve through Breakthrough Innovator. 
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“Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at CBA. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific his energy is contagious and we’d use him again in a heartbeat.”

Brigid Gibson,  HR Manager Commonwealth Bank